Happy Birthday to my Lil’ Amigo

Co-Founder of MtnBikeRiders.com and all around bad ass who supports The Anti-Douchebaggery movement, Moe “The Horny Guy” (he’s got a tattoo that says he is) Ramirez, is celebrating his 40th birthday today!

I’d want to take this time to thank Moe for all his hard work that he’s put onto this site as well as BikeCommuters.com. I also appreciate the guy’s friendship in the last 9 years. With that in mind, I’d like to share a couple videos that I’ve taken over the years of Moe.

A man of many words…or lack of.

Dancing Moe

Where’s The Moe

Though this next video doesn’t star Moe, I do find it funny…

So for his present, I am going to supply Moe with a Bearclaw for each hand…(he loves Bearclaws!)
Bear Claw

Happy Birthday Moe!

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