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We built the “Ultimate AM Bicycle” back in July of 2007 with a KHS AM2000 frame, XT/XTR components, Spinner Cargo fork, Vuelta Wheels and IRD parts. This bike has served me well, it is tough as nails and a blast to ride.

I’m planning to go back to SuperD racing for the 2011 Winter Series and tapering off from Downhill Racing a bit. Don Jackson loves to mix up the SuperD courses from mellow to gnarly so I need a bike that will climb well and be able to handle the rock gardens.

Since buying a new bike is out of my budget range, converting the KHS AM2000 to my ultimate SuperD racing machine will have to do. Although the current parts on the AM2000 are not bad, I need for it to be a little lighter for the climbing courses. Here’s what I’m planning to swap:

The Spinner Cargo fork for a RockShox Revelation Race, the Revelation comes in at about 3.90 lbs saving me about 2lbs right off the bat. In Lieu of the current Truvativ Hussefelt crankset, the XT crankset from my XC bike will take its place.

Besides being sexy, carbon fiber parts do help lighten up a bicycle, the CF handlebars, stem and seatpost from my XC bicycle will be transferred to the AM2000.

Going back are the Hayes El Camino brakes, the El Camino brakes are lighter and have better stopping power than the current Hayes Nine. I’m thinking of keeping the current wheelset, although they are not the lightest, the Vuelta Wheels have proven to be quite durable. I’m also keeping the XTR shifters and derailleurs, they should be good to withstand the abuse of SuperD racing.

My toughest choice will be the tires and the size, I’m leaning towards Kenda Small Block eight in the back and Kenda Nevegal in the front, although I welcome your suggestions.

My goal is for my Ultimate SuperD machine to weigh about 30lbs, I’ll post an update when the bike is done and see if I achieved my goal.

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  1. SB8’s aren’t bad. I started using WTB Prowler MX 26×2.5, Kevlar bead, 60TPI for my KHS XCT 555. Though they are wide, they don’t feel like they’re dragging during my XC rides. It offers great conering bite and its pretty fast on the downhills.

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