KHS XCT 556-Preview

I had made my way down to the KHS Bicycles US HQ in Rancho Dominguez just a few days ago to pick up the 2011 KHS XCT 556.


Not only is it a pretty bike, but what caught my attention and more so what I’m looking forward to test is the 3×10 drive train. Here’s the spec sheet:


The medium with pedals weighed in at 29lbs.

I’ve been out on one ride so far and I gotta tell you, the KHS XCT 556 is a smooth riding bike. The drive train is uber quite and down right beautiful to work with. I’ll be testing this bike in the next few weeks, so make sure you check back in.

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  1. Im not so sure about the new designs.. I think the xct555 still looks better.. and performs better.. Ive been riding mine “aggresively” (trail,AM,minorDH,4ft drop to flat concrete!!) for 2years and it wants more… Im a khs believer because of the xct555.. But with the new designs (lucky7, velvet, 556) Im a bit disappointed…

  2. has anybody had trouble with the rear hub? after 3 rides it loosened and the cassette became loose and sloppy. khs replaced the rear wheel with a new one and 3 rides later same problem so i had my bike guy rich cohen replace it with a sram X9 hub and now its perfect. the stock hub was not a sealed bearing. which you would think if you pay that much for the bike it would have sealed bearing hubs. that was the only weakness of the bike, but since i replaced it with a good hub the bike is perfect.

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