We so excited…

Yes its FRIDAY, but that’s not the reason why we so excited.

Cousin Joe did a make-over on his Airborne Taka. Check it out mang:
So that means tomorrow we get to spend some time on our super secret test location just so we can get his bike dialed in.

Another bit of exciting news…as you know I’ve been testing the 2011 KHS xct556. One of the key features of this bike is its 10speed drive train with the 36t rear cog. I am now in love with how well the drive train works. So much so that I wanted to replicate the effects of the 36t without spending a ton of money swapping out my whole drive train.

So here’s what I did. I went over to Jenson USA and found this 9speed 12-36t cassette. By the way, Jenson USA will price match. I found this part on another site for $10 less, I contacted Jenson and showed them the lower price, and sure enough, they matched it. I went ahead and ordered it and I received it in 2 days! Anyhow, back to my story, I want to place this 36t cassette on my current bike to see if it will work. The only issue I may have could be the chain length. So for now “we so excited” about this upcoming project. I’ll make sure to come back here with some results.

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  1. I’m not sure the mtn blogs are so excited about this bike. Horrible rear suspension design, single pivot point, cheap rear shock and etc. You have to trust your life if your serious about DH to what you are riding and this Huffy didn’t do it for me. I’m not joking, it’s really a Huffy.

  2. DLBOB,

    Thanks for your comment. The bike has performed well during the Shimano Winter Series, even a few podiums.

    Yes we know its a Huffy,its not a secret.

  3. What??? I’m riding a Huffy… and no one told me??? lol

    DLBOB – It’s not a bad bike. Most of us just barely had a chance to put our leg over it. For those that have had more time on it, they’ve done fairly well. As RL mentioned above, they’ve podiumed a few times. We’re not expecting a World Cup bike out of it, but I’m sure it’ll do well for for what we want.

  4. I suppose I can leave the fork sitting in my garage or use it…

    C’mon man, it’s like everything else, components gets recycled or swapped between. Sooner or later I’ll put the fork on another bike. If the fork worked for me, why not use it?

  5. Its more so the rear suspension design that will make me never trust it. It’s just simply a step backwards in DH frame design. All the stress on one point managed my a rear shock I’ve personally blown up. At least do what specialized does on some of their bikes and over compensate with a beefy rear shock to take the stress. I have no issues with the brakes, drivetrain or front fork. For the price they are on par with a budget bike.

  6. Damn, I wish the stuff sitting around my garage was that high end! I’ve got…a few old Peugeot fenders and some circa-89 or so XT stuff 🙁

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