A Must Have Tool

There are a handful of tools that a mountain biker should have in their possession. But there’s one tool that not many people have, but its something you all NEED.

It’s the Park Tool DAG-2

I bought this tool online for around $50. You may think, that its a bit steep to pay for one tool, but it actually pays for itself within a few uses. You see, a shop will charge you as much as $25 to align your hanger. It is an intimidating tool to look at (that’s what she said), but its pretty easy to use. Here’s a video that best explains how to work with the tool.

4 Replies to “A Must Have Tool”

  1. I agree. I have one, and I’ve used it many times already. My friends come by and have me align their derailleur hangers with it all the time.

    It’s definitely paid for itself.

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