Shake N’ Bake

As my day in the office is coming to an end, and my night for gets started, I can’t help but feel excited about this coming weekend at Sea Otter. I’m not sure how to control all the excitement because I’m getting anxiety attacks and I probably won’t be able to take my pre-drive nap this evening.

Just so I don’t forget anything for the weekend, I’ve made a short list of things¬† that I’ll need to make sure our driver loads into the Limo.
1. Bike(s) Always carry a spare. That way you can match it to what you’re wearing!
2. Allergy meds.
3. Alcohol
4. Lube (the bike kind…pervert)
5. Chain or in this case, my cable to lock the bikes.
6. Cameras. Get ready to be blown away with our highly coveted photos and videos! Other websites will be so jealous of us. We’ve invested a ton of money ($4.56) into the technology we’re going to use just so we can enhance the viewer experience of

The GPS says we’ll arrive on Monday, so that means we may miss the event entirely. But if we follow some truckers heading north somewhere, I’m almost certain that we’ll end up in Monterey, Ca. See you on the flip side and make sure you check out our Facebook Fan Page to keep updated. ¬† We also have this thing called a Titter account. I’ll be Titting through that as well.

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