Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

Greetings from the happiest place on earth, nope its not Disneyland or your mom’s bedroom. But we are at Monterey, Ca. to celebrate the sport of cycling. We made our early morning trek through the heart of California and arrived safely to our destination. Intoxicated on unhealthy levels of caffeine and sugars, we have been pushing our bodies just to make sure we provide you a glimpse of the event.

Rather than try and post important news worthy info about products we figured we’d just take it easy and just have fun. Without further adieu I give you our Friday morning at Sea Otter Classic 2011.

Here we are between the legs of this old guy. We were very impressed with the cabbages…WOW! Check out Art, he wanted to get a gander at them things…Look Dan and I are short twinsies!

We’re amp’d on Redbull and ready to rock! Later we discovered that our new found energy would only last until noon.

Got the bikes unloaded and packed up our bags ready to hit the scene.

But before we got rolling, we needed to make sure we had plenty of fluids. Art working on filling up our “canteen.”

Met up with Redline Bicycles, they’ve got a prototype Belt Drive Monocog that we caught on video (coming soon).

After our first few hours, we were worn out! We decided to break for lunch. Free food for Media folk…mmm.

Keep checking back because we’ll be posting more info as the weekend goes on.

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