Let’s have a heart to heart

Hello everyone,

This is RL Policar, I’m the founder of this here mountain biking website. In the last year I’ve had some personal challenges that I’ve been dealing with. Don’t worry I’m not dying, at least I don’t think I am. Anyhow, I’ve been going through some major life changes and remaining strong. However, mountain biking has been put to the back burner for me. I no longer enjoy it nor do I find any excitement for it. Perhaps it just reminds me too much of the shit I’m going through.

Life feels like this right now.

Though I’m not riding mountain bikes, I’ve turned my focus more on motorcycles and scooters. I find it therapeutic to buy/sell and work on them. I’ve bought and sold so many in the last few years that I really should have my own reality TV-Show.

My Happy Place.
My Happy Place.

Anyhow so that’ where I’m at, not much riding in the last 6 months. Perhaps I’ll come back to it once I’m doing better. In my absence, Art Aguilar has been put in charge of MtnBikeRiders.com. I’ve also handed over the reigns of BikeCommuters.com to my best-friend Moe Ramirez. He’s doing a bang up job over there.

2 old dudes, hard breathing and some heavy petting

Based on that title alone, you know you’re already jealous. Well let me start of with a bit of a story on how this all went down. You see it all started with a text message that I sent out to The Moe. I said something like this…

photo We ALWAYS abide by the Facebook Rule of “If it’s not on FB, then it never happened.” Thus the selfie. So one little tid bit about this ride is that we both are riding 26er bikes. 26 IS NOT DEAD in our book. Just about a week ago I thought about buying a new mountain bike. The Giant Trance 2 to be exact. I had made a profit on a motorcycle that I recently flipped so I debated about getting a new bike or invest into another motorcycle project to flip. Well the motorcycle won and I bought another project motorbike only because I valued The Moe’s opinion.

RL and The Moe of MtnBikeRiders.com

You see, what had happened was, I posted a status update talking about how I was going to get a new mountain bike to help me get motivated to ride more. Then The Moe asked a compelling question, “What’s wrong with the other 3 mountain bikes you have?” Duh…he got me thinking and he ended up saving me a butt load of cash by not buying the new mountain bike. With that being said, I dusted off my trusty KHS XCT 556, a 26er AM Bike and headed out for this ride that I’m writing about.

Oh ya, I mentioned something about heavy breathing in the title. Well that all happened due to the fact that I am WAY out of shape. In fact the shape that I’m in is called ROUND. I was telling The Moe that I felt totally FAT earlier that day and really needed to ride to feel better about myself. He concurred with the same feeling as I was experiencing, but for himself. Oh I didn’t even mention my arthritic knees…man. I don’t know what it is, but the last two days have been killer. So before the ride, I drugged myself up with Naproxen and a can of Redbull. Pain Relief and Energy at the same time, makes me feel like I can do just about anything, even mountain biking!

As we’re riding along, we passed by the Sunny Hills HS Farm where they had some sheep and goats. I stopped and started to pet a sheep then two goats billied him…get it…bully-billy as in billy goat…anyhow. So I was doing some heaving goat-petting, well more like scratching and I must say, they enjoyed every minute of it!

mtnbikeriders.com petting goats

So we get to an area of our ride where I wanted to test out a device that I’m reviewing. What you see are some still images taken from a video that we took of us messing around. The Moe’s new-to-him bike was working like a well oiled machine!

slayer moe

I decided to try my hand in doing a little jump, but my skill set is so rusty that I just couldn’t close the deal, but I sure made it look good while trying.

RL of mtnbikeriders.com jumping a khs xct 556

So there you have it. 2 old dudes did some hard breathing and some heavy petting. Geez, get your mind out of the gutter! I’m not exactly sure what you were expecting other than exactly what it sounded like.


…and we’re back…again. This time for reals.

Did you know that we started MtnBikeRiders.com 8 years ago! Yep! We sure did and I have to be honest with you, we’ve had our better years and as each year passes, it’s become a bit harder to maintain this website. Not that it’s hard to manage it, but it’s because life changes. For starters, my career has taken off in a direction than I wasn’t expecting. Then my kids have gotten older, one is College aged, while the other is applying for Colleges and the youngest will be entering high school this fall. So to say the least, things have changed.

This doesn’t even involve the Staff Writers who have come through the halls of MtnBikeRiders.com. For the most part we’ve had some great guys come write for us and a few flakes that promised me the world but could only muster up one article or none at all.

Oh and did I tell you about the fact that I’m getting old…yep. I’m officially old. How do I know this? Well around May of last year I started experiencing knee pain. I figured I was just riding too much and so I took it easy on the bike. I even wore knee braces to see if it would help. Eventually the pain was too much and I finally saw a doctor. He did a battery of tests to see what’s up with my knees. He came to the conclusion that it was Arthritis.

I was seriously bummed out because the pain had become so unbearable that I literally stopped riding. I’d be fine the first 2-3 miles, but once I passed a certain threshold, shooting pain would hit BOTH of my knees. At that point I just gave up. I even started selling my bikes, my gear and got more into motorcycles. I rode my motorbikes because it offered some of that same exhilaration as mountain biking, sans the pain.

So around Interbike 2014, Art and I went to the show to check it out. We saw some cool stuff but it was hard for me to really get into it since I haven’t been riding much at all. Since I wasn’t riding, I gained some weight, which made me even more bummed out because I couldn’t ride or even go for long walks without pain.

Towards the later part of the year I started upping my dosage of pain meds. I even started using CBD oils for the inflammation in my knees and back. I forgot to mention that my back and shoulders have started to become a daily pain-involved nuisance. The pain started to become more manageable and that’s when I decided to buy myself a new bike. It’s been a while since I’ve actually gone to an LBS and purchased a bicycle. I went with something completely different. I figured I’d get my mojo back with a Moto, Electra Moto that is. Electra moto



Low and behold, I found that riding the moto was good for my Mojo! I then decided that I wanted to start riding again. But before I could do that, I have to follow a quick routine to help me get through my ride; 2 capsules of Naproxen and one can of Redbull. I found that this was the prefect combination of energy and pain killers.

LadyP and I loaded up our bikes and headed to Whiting Ranch. The Fullerton Loop is about a mile away, but we wanted to mix things up a bit and we figured the climb up Mustard would do the trick. The photo below shows my facial expression that states “everything hurts!”

photo 1(1)












Here’s LadyP coming down Cactus…I think that’s what this trail is called. It’s been so long since I was last here.

photo 4

┬áThe ride was great, but it did expose that I am WAY out of shape and my skill set is a bit rusty. I know a bit more riding will help remedy those issues. As for my knees…12 hours later they’re doing well!

At the end of my ride, I noticed something, I think I blew my shock. This thing was leaking oil…

photo 5

So now you know what’s been going on, let’s hope that we can keep this place alive. We plan on posting more reviews and articles in the next few days. By the way, Happy New Year!!!

Great deal on a bike!

Check out the new Sette Derro 2.0. In my opinion, this is a great deal, the fork alone can retail as much as $700 and the rear shock up to $300. So for $500 more, you get the rest of the bike!
derro 2

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Avid Elixir 3

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Rear Brake
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Shimano Deore

Shimano HG61 11-34T 9 Speed

Shimano HG73

FSA Orbit Z Zero Stack

Sette XLR 31.8 Low Rise 660mm Width

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SDG Bel Air RL

Sette APX 31.6 Black

Mavic Crossride Disc Black
Pedals Not Included

Front Tire
Kenda Nevegal 26″ X 2.1 DTC 120TPI Folding Bead

Rear Tire
Kenda Nevegal 26″ X 2.1 DTC 120TPI Folding Bead

White With Polished Stays

5 Years

27.7 lbs(17″ w/o pedals)

Check out our Sea Otter Coverage of other Sette bikes, including the Derro.

Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

Greetings from the happiest place on earth, nope its not Disneyland or your mom’s bedroom. But we are at Monterey, Ca. to celebrate the sport of cycling. We made our early morning trek through the heart of California and arrived safely to our destination. Intoxicated on unhealthy levels of caffeine and sugars, we have been pushing our bodies just to make sure we provide you a glimpse of the event.

Rather than try and post important news worthy info about products we figured we’d just take it easy and just have fun. Without further adieu I give you our Friday morning at Sea Otter Classic 2011.

Here we are between the legs of this old guy. We were very impressed with the cabbages…WOW! Check out Art, he wanted to get a gander at them things…Look Dan and I are short twinsies!

We’re amp’d on Redbull and ready to rock! Later we discovered that our new found energy would only last until noon.

Got the bikes unloaded and packed up our bags ready to hit the scene.

But before we got rolling, we needed to make sure we had plenty of fluids. Art working on filling up our “canteen.”

Met up with Redline Bicycles, they’ve got a prototype Belt Drive Monocog that we caught on video (coming soon).

After our first few hours, we were worn out! We decided to break for lunch. Free food for Media folk…mmm.

Keep checking back because we’ll be posting more info as the weekend goes on.

What a busy weekend!

Wow, talk about being busy riding. Over the weekend the MtnBikeRiders.com Crew were hard at work riding bikes. Yeah we were testing products and all that jazz. So here’s a recap.

Early Saturday morning I met up with one of our readers who only goes by the name of “Dial Tone.” He never did explain what his moniker meant, all he said was, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you…” I took his word for it. Anyhow, DT and I were talking the night before and he mentioned how he was mis-shifting badly. I directed him to watch a video I made a while back on how to tune a rear derailleur. Though he followed the steps, he still had issues. At that time, I offered to check out his bike the following morning. Since I was meeting Cousin Joe at a trail head near DT’s home, we scheduled to meet at 6:20am.

After messing with the adjuster barrels, I noticed that his derailleur hanger was bent. Lucky for DT I carry my Park Derailleur Hanger Alignment Tool in my car, why? Cuz’ you never know if you’ll need it.

Mind you, while I’m doing all this so-called work, Priscilla is at the Fullerton Loop, picking on some guys wearing spandex…Here’s what her FB status said…

Fully loop is in great condition. Thanx to the guy in spandex who kept me on my toes…too bad for him I caught up to him on the last 3 mile stretch. His flat tire = fail! HEHEHE! SUCKA! ;D

But I digress, once DT was all “DIALED” in..get it, Dial Tone…Dialed in…eh nevermind, it was funnier in my head. Back to my story. Cousin Joe shows up so we can do some field testing on a few products. Check out our new “practice” jerseys, we call it the Kung Fu Panda. It has the MtnBikeRiders.com logo on the left shoulder.
Kung Fu Panda Weekend
Continue reading “What a busy weekend!”

Crash Check List

You just crashed…now what? First thing you need to do after crashing is to not do anything. That’s right, lay still. No need to be macho and try to get up right away. There’s a few things you will need to do before you get up. Ready?

1. Lay still.

2. Take an inventory of what works. Most likely you’re in some sort of pain, make sure you take your time.

3. Wiggle your hands. Then see if your arms and shoulders work.

4. Wiggle your hips to make sure that nothing is broken.

5. Wiggle your legs, then your ankles and finally your toes.

Once you’ve are certain that you are able to get up, do it slowly, sit up first, check your surroundings, take another inventory, but this time its for your stuff. Visually locate your bike, sunglasses, shoes (yes shoes have flown off after a crash) and etc.

When you do get up, do it super slow. After you’ve gathered composure, check over the bike. From that point, you may have to walk the rest of the way or get back on the bike depending on how you feel and the condition of your rig. If needed, seek immediate medical attention, don’t try to tough through it.

This little piggy stayed home…

I’m hoping that’s not the case but check out what happened to my pinky finger over the weekend.

It started of as this…I bought a countertop wine cellar/cooler from a lady off Craigslist and I was excited to get it set up for Priscilla. On Saturday I took it out of my car and carried to my place. I get to our gate and had to tilt the wine cellar to its side so my left hand can swing the gate open. As I tilted it, the door of the cellar swung open, but my pinky was in the way and WHACK!
I yell out some muffled bleep words, I set the cooler down and look at my finger. I noticed the the door had cut my finger nail and blood started to drip down. I don’t do too well with seeing my own blood. I start to panic and I run into my place to try and do some first aid on it.
Right when it happened I tried to pull of the broken nail, but it wouldn’t budge because its still attached to the skin underneath it.
So now I’m sitting here painfully typing this praying and hoping that this little wound will somehow heal up before this weekend’s race, the Fontana City Nationals. The reason why I’m worried about it is because when I do a gripping action, I see the broken nail pushing up against the wound.
Then again, it’s just a pinky nail…I’ve got another.

New Year, New Slogan

During the last 4 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve used an awesome slogan, “Dirt is Good.” Though this is a timeless saying, I thought to myself…“Gee RL, you’re so fantastic and smart, but wouldn’t it be great to come out with a new slogan?”

I wanted to make sure that whatever slogan we came up with, it’s something that would best describe who MtnBikeRiders.com is. So I found this photo that depicts our position in the Interwebs, you see we’re not quite small and we’re not quite big like MTBR.com (fantastic site). But we’re somewhere in between.
we're the other guys

Our new slogan for 2011….“When you visit popular mountain biking websites…just remember, we’re the other guys, www.MtnBikeRiders.com.”