This little piggy stayed home…

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I’m hoping that’s not the case but check out what happened to my pinky finger over the weekend.

It started of as this…I bought a countertop wine cellar/cooler from a lady off Craigslist and I was excited to get it set up for Priscilla. On Saturday I took it out of my car and carried to my place. I get to our gate and had to tilt the wine cellar to its side so my left hand can swing the gate open. As I tilted it, the door of the cellar swung open, but my pinky was in the way and WHACK!
I yell out some muffled bleep words, I set the cooler down and look at my finger. I noticed the the door had cut my finger nail and blood started to drip down. I don’t do too well with seeing my own blood. I start to panic and I run into my place to try and do some first aid on it.
Right when it happened I tried to pull of the broken nail, but it wouldn’t budge because its still attached to the skin underneath it.
So now I’m sitting here painfully typing this praying and hoping that this little wound will somehow heal up before this weekend’s race, the Fontana City Nationals. The reason why I’m worried about it is because when I do a gripping action, I see the broken nail pushing up against the wound.
Then again, it’s just a pinky nail…I’ve got another.

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7 thoughts on “This little piggy stayed home…

  1. Speaking from experience, it take a week or two for it to heal up enough for the nail to fall off. Just will be uncomfortable for a while.

  2. Dude, Ronnie Lott cut the tip of his pinky finger off and went back in the game…just saying.

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