Congrats to the winner of the 2011 Team Jersey

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I ran a contest last month for a really sweet 2011 Team Jersey.

The winner is: Dial Tone.

Here’s his creative answer. My favorite part was the Mister, Mr T. comment.

Chuck Norris never needed training wheels.

Chuck Norris does not wear a helmet. His cowboy hat is all he needs.

Chuck Norris has SPD cleats on his cowboy boots.

Chuck Norris doesnt ride a unicycle. He thinks thats just showing off.

Chuck Norris came up with the cycling phrase ‘I am the motor’.

Chuck Norris is the reason why the 29er was invented.

Mr. T is so tough, Chuck Norris calls him Mister Mr. T

Congrats DT, you should be hearing from our promotions department in regards to your jersey.

RL Policar

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