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Earlier this week, I had convinced my youngest to join me for a tandem ride through the Fullerton Loop. After riding 8 miles of the trail, I had asked her if she’d be interested in riding again on Saturday morning at one of my favorite trails, Aliso Woods. It took some convincing, but I was able to bribe her with some breakfast after the ride. With that in mind, she woke up excited to go. I even provided her very own jersey.

We rode up the main fire road called Woods Canyon and the original plan was to try and go up a steep climb called Cholla. After a quick rest break, Aleah and I started pedaling up the climb. But we only made it up about 1/4 of it and decided to head back down while the rest of the group pushed forward to other parts of the trail system. Loren kept us company as we made our way down to Coyote Run.

Megan, Priscilla, Aleah, Khoa, Nick and Loren
Aliso 04302011

We eventually made our way to a rest stop called Dripping Caves. Since this was Aleah and Loren’s first time at Aliso Woods, we took in the scenery and snapped a few shots.
Aliso 04302011
Correct me if I’m wrong, but are those plants behind Loren, some sort of poison oak/ivy?
Aliso 04302011

After completing the ride, it was off to breakfast. The encouraging thing about the ride was my daughter already asking where we’re going to ride next week.
Aliso 04302011

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