Tell your dad to pedal harder…

Boy I tell ya, if I had a nickel for every time some one says that to me while I’m on the 2Fast4U Tandem…I’d have enough for a 20 piece box of Chicken McNuggets! Without fail as soon as my daughter and I are on the trail, some guy has to make a crack about how I’m not pedaling hard enough. But for the most part people are pretty encouraging out there. Some of the compliments we hear are; “That’s Awesome!” “Good job guys!” and “Wow that looks so fun!” The best compliment we have ever received was from a runner who stopped to watch us roll by and said to me, “You’re a great dad for doing that!” That comment made me smile and totally encouraged me.

Then there are the people who we pull up next to and start joking amongst each other talking about if they sat in the back (stoker) of the tandem, they would only pretend to be pedaling and make the person in the front do all the work. I always chuckle when I hear that. Truth of the matter is, when my Aleah doesn’t give 100%, I definitely feel it in the front. Right away the bike feels heavy and we start going slow. I’m surprised for as little as she is, her leg power is quite remarkable and substantial.

If you’ve ever ridden the Fullerton Loop, we’ve cleared every single hill on the “standard” path. We’ve yet to try all the extra credit areas, but for now, we’re proud that we can mash all the way up the hill.

Aleah and I climbing up Cholla in Aliso Woods.
RL on Tandem @ Aliso

I’ve often asked my Aleah if she’d be interested in getting her own mountain bike. I was explaining all the benefits of it and that she might have more fun riding on her own. Her response, “Nah, I like the tandem, its more fun.” I can’t argue with that because I love how she and I can spend time on the trails together. Besides, at this time, I’m cherishing each ride because I know that in as little as 2-3 years, she may out grow the desire to ride the tandem or bikes in general.

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  1. RL, I totally agree with that runner! It’s awesome that you do that! Way too many parents are happy to just plop their kids down in front of the TV. Not only are you having lots of fun and making lasting memories, but you’re teaching her so much about physical activity and healthy living and generally how to be an awesome person! More parents need to be like you!

  2. RL, it does look like a blast and you are a great dad indeed. But c’mon, where is her MTN Bike Riders jersey? I know you got a guy who can make it happen.

  3. You’re a great Dad RL! keep it up!

    Man if my dad would ask me if I want a mountain bike…i’d say yes even before he finish the question…lols.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Justin. We definitely have a great time out there and there’s always life lessons that I get to teach her while riding.


    She does have her own jersey. She just happens to love Giraffes and got that jersey for her as an incentive for riding.

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