Race Report – Knobby Time at Bonelli #1

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Thursday, June 16th marked the start of a new week night XC series at Bonelli Park. Bonelli is located near the 10, 57, and 210 FWYs in San Dimas. If you have never been there, you should check it out. Its full of rolling fire roads, sweet single tracks, and even some rocky decents, all with nice views.

Previously, I had been racing the Over The Hump Series on Tuesdays. I decided to give Knobby Time a try since its at a spot I frequently ride and enjoy. The guys that put it on, Cycle Events Company, posted the course online weeks before the race. This gave me plenty of time to pre-ride the trails. The races start at 6. I got to warm up with teammate Lady P before lining up for the start.

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From the beginning, the course starts with a 1/4 mile paved section before the first dirt climb. Guys were sprinting, and once we hit the dirt I was sitting in third. We hit the rocky decent, and I passed one rider. I sat in second for 3/4 of the first lap. Up one of the steepest climbs, we named it “Heart Attack” I passed and moved to first. I was really pushing myself at this point, and was hoping I could keep this pace. Completeing lap one, I had about 15 seconds on second place. For some reason, the flat paved section feels super slow. Lap two I got into some traffic, trying to stay safe, I pass where I can, calling out to let the other riders know where I am. The course was great! Lots of single track parts and very twisty turns. I keep looking back to see where second place is, I am slowly moving ahead. I practiced this course a lot, which helped me so much. I knew what lines to take, and the right gear combos for the climbs. By lap 3 I slowed down a bit I think, I was running out of energy. Up “heart Attack” for the last time, I wanted to get off and walk it. I grind it out, and it was all down hill from there. I spin through the flat to the finish. Results were posted quickly.

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Landing first place at a local spot felt good. Thank you to Omar and the guys for putting together a great week night race! I will be back for Round Two next week!

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