I ride like a cholo…elbows out, side to side….

Ok kids here’s a little riding tip that I can’t seem to stress enough…ELBOWS OUT.

Here’s a perfect example of Art riding with his elbows out.
Elbows out

This is applicable when you’re climbing up a hill.

It works even better if you’re the driver of a tandem. You need the widest bars you can find and keep those elbows out for the best control position possible.

If you don’t believe me, try it out yourself. The next time you’re out on your mountain bike, try keeping your elbows in as you descend a technical section. After you pick yourself up from your crash, go back up the hill and try it with your elbows out. You’ll feel the difference right away.

2 Replies to “I ride like a cholo…elbows out, side to side….”

  1. Those of us who actually started on full rigid bikes (or have gone back to full rigid bikes) learned this instinctively, because hitting a rock or root with your elbows straight (within easy distance of getting jarred into being locked out) can HURT!

    It’s those who have only ever ridden front-suspension-equipped bikes who are the worst offenders here.

  2. So right Matt. I pick this up while I raced MX back in the day.
    Elbows out knees bent, center riding position. “Attack stance”.

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