2012 Race Roster

For the 2012 race season, the Race team added a few more names to the list.

Bryan Doney of Murrieta, Ca. is the youngest member of the team (age 17). He’s also my adopted son, so by default he’s on the team. However, for a kid that just got into mountain biking in the Spring of 2011, he’s taken to DH way better than any of us has expected, he’s got natural talent and he plays a mean trombone.. He’ll be competing in Beginner 16-18.

Stacey “Got it Going On” Stone of Orange, Ca. will be racing in 4x and possibly Super D. He comes to us with years of BMX racing experience. In fact there’s pictures of him racing BMX when all they had were black and white film! All joking aside, Stacey has to be one of the smoothest guys on the BMX track I’ve ever seen.
stacey stone

Jerry Hazard
is our first out of state team racer. He hails from Colorado where everything regarding mountain biking is EPIC. Not only is Jerry a great downhill racer, but the dude has so much creativity flowing out of him that the photos and videos he creates are enough to motivate anyone to try mountain biking.
Jerry hazard

The rest of the roster includes previous members of the Race Team

RL Policar-Team Director, Sport Downhill
Art Aguilar-Expert Downhill
Corey Pond-Expert Downhill
Wes Castro-Sport Downhill
Dan Burdett-Single Speed, Sport XC
Mark Tomas-Single Speed, Sport XC
Nick DiBlasi-Beginner XC, Super D and 4X

We look forward to the 2012 race season.

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  1. Welcome, guys! As one of your sponsors (, I just wanted to remind you that I take a 20% cut of any winnings you earn. Just kidding 😉

    Say, where’s my FAVORITE racer of all, Lady P?!? She ain’t on the list!

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