Trail side repair-busted cable

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The other night, myself along with Khoala, Lady P and our friend Jonny, were out on a nice evening ride through the Fullerton Loop. About mile 1.5, Jonny noticed he was having some shifting issues. We stopped and noticed that his derailleur cable had snapped at the pinch bolt.
I offered to help by setting the limiting screws on the derailleur to be set so his gearing would be somewhere in the mid-rage of the cassette. But the screw itself was bent so it wouldn’t turn. So Khoala jumped in and decided it might be better to just pull the remaining cable through bolt it down. Thus leaving the chain on one of the bigger cogs.
Since the cable was cut short, Khoala made sure the adjuster barrels on the shifter pod and derailleur were turned in, then placed the cable in the pinch bolt and tightened it. This trail side repair allowed Jonny to continue his ride and make it back to the car.

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