Not to get confused with the POOP article, the brown stuff I’m talking about today would be the stuff you eat!

The other day I had some un-special brownies from my local 7/11 about 30 mins before my ride. I gotta tell you, those brownies must have had some special sugar or something, because I felt so strong through out the ride! Forget bars and gels, get brownies, besides they’re cheaper! Only $.99 at 7/11, better yet, you can make your own at home with a store bought box for less than $2!

Now if I can only convince Lady P to let me keep brownies around the house for “training” purposes…

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  1. I am surprised Lady P even allows $2 brownie mix in her house. Going back to poop hatred. . .

    . . . I hate poop too. This morning, instead of riding, I was picking up my dogs’ poop (German Shepherd & Springer Spaniel) prior to mowing the lawn. Damn poop!

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