Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

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If you may have guessed it, yes the theme to today’s article is ORANGE. Why? Because Orange rocks and its not a common color so it’s even cooler because not too many people like it. Oh and check this out, this is my Orange Tuxedo Jersey. Yep, I know you’re jealous.
orange tuxedo

This weekend I had the privileged in riding the Redline D600 on a longer ride at Whiting Ranch in SoCal.

I was fortunate enough to be joined by my favorite person in the world, Lady P.

Whiting has a nasty climb called Mustard and I have to tell you, it sucks! At a certain point there was a hiker in which he and I were chit chatting on the way up. He was walking backwards as I was laboring with each pedal stroke. Kinda made me wonder if I should have just dismounted and joined him.

Truth be told, getting used to the the 29er took some time. I wasn’t used to the bigger wheels and eventually I learned the characteristics of the bike in which I started to enjoy myself a bit more. A couple of changes I’d make to the Redline D600 would be out of personal preference, and those would be the cock pit (hehe I said cock…hehe). Since I have short arms, I’d go with a 40-50mm stem coupled with wider bars. Oh and I’d also wrap the chain stay with an old tube, velcro or a chain stay protector to keep the chain slap sound down.
But for the rest of my observations about the bike, you’ll have to wait for the review in a few weeks!

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