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Our long time friend of the Bike Industry, James Thomas of Serfas, has graciously accepted our request to have him review Skratch Labs Sports Drink. Read his review below and make sure you watch the video too!

skratch labs review

When RL asked me to do a product review on the Skratch Labs sports drink, I was very excited. I follow the bike industry news pretty closely and had actually seen Skratch Labs hilarious marketing video before RL asked me to review it.

The truth is, it was probably just a matter of time before I would have purchased some Skratch Labs hydration mix because I am an electrolyte replacement junkie. I have tried them all – Gatorade, Pedialyte, Nuun, Hammer, Clif, Powerade, Heed, Cytomax, etc. Well, I can honestly sum up this review of Skratch Labs Sports Drink by quoting my favorite foodie: Guy Fieri – “Welcome to Flavortown”! The Skratch Labs Lemons and Limes has amazing fruit forward flavor that will blow your mind. I know it’s a cliché, but it really does taste like a pure lemon and lime drink without all the extra sugar and calories.
skratch labs drink review
Two things that I dislike about electrolyte replacement drinks in general:

– The thick phlegm left in your mouth that causes your spit to come out sideways and land on the arm of your jersey while riding

– Leftover residue in your bottle that makes it taste like said sports drink for the remainder of that bottles’ lifespan
skratch labs
I found that when mixed correctly, the Skratch Labs Lemons and Limes to have a clean aftertaste – no phlegm issues and it rinsed clean from my bottle without a heavy aftertaste. Both of these traits make Skratch Labs a winner in my book. Big Kudos to the folks at Skratch Labs for creating a sports drink that is more flavorful with less sugar and calories than other brands on the market. I highly recommend you try it out and see what all the buzz is about.

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