Interbike 2013 in one week!

Once again Interbike is here. Well technically it starts next week. But we’ll be heading out there to provide you some Dirt Demo and Interbike Coverage of the shows. So many companies are coming out with the latest and greatest products and truthfully I just can’t keep up! So here’s what we’re planning on doing, anything we find interesting, that you the consumer (AKA: Joe MtnBiker) could find useful or make riding more fun and easier for you, then we’ll publish articles on it.

Extensive coverage during the shows can also be found on our Facebook Fanpage: So there might be things on Facebook that don’t necessarily make it on here and vice versa.

So this week we’re getting prepared to head over to Vegas. We’ve got our ample supply of beer, energy drinks, beef jerky and sun block…what? You need to protect your skin when you’re out in the desert riding bikes. Oh yea for forgot to mention, our Team for Media Coverage: Art Aguiliar who will mainly be providing coverage for and Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney of Jack is our Editor at our sister site, and he’ll be providing media coverage for that site. I’ll be bouncing back and forth between both sites publishing as many articles as I can.

One thing I forgot to mention, Art is currently in Italy. Yep, Mr. World Traveler is at Dainese checking out their factory and hopefully he’ll come back with some photos of then new elbow and knee pads they are offering. Art has been practicing his Italian in hopes he can communicate well enough to at least find the restrooms. He took some lessons from Peter Griffin.

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