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As you may already know, I’ll gather a group of volunteers to come out and help me fix bicycles for the less fortunate. This time around was no different. Even though we were short staffed, we still managed to repair over 25 bicycles in 2 hours. These repairs included basic chain lube, tune ups, wheel truing and even bottom bracket adjustments. For the most part we have all the tools necessary to do the job. But there were some situations where some of the bikes we had to turn away because the overall condition of them parts were beyond repair.

Yours truly and one of our teen volunteers, Thomas. He’s a young and talented road racer that wanted to lend a hand. For his age, he’s pretty mechanically inclined. He knew how to R/R cables and housing and give a basic derailleur tune as well.
helping the needy

We worked on all types of bikes. From beach cruisers, road, mountain to bmx bikes.
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On the right side of the photo was my other teen volunteer, Ian. He mainly spends time eating, breathing and living Baseball, but he had the heart to go out there and do his best. He was very helpful in making sure that each of the bikes we worked on had chain lube. What was great about Ian is that he eagerly asked what he could do to help out.
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Though you may not be able to see his face, this is Cameron Pemstein, owner of Motive Electric Bicycles. He’s been coming out with us for the last few times and has been a great asset to our efforts. His extensive bicycle knowledge allows him to tackle some of the most difficult repairs.
I can’t forget a little selfie.

I wanted to take this time and thank all the volunteers who came out today. It’s always fun to work with people who have great attitudes and great hearts.

If you’re in the SoCal area and would like to join us in the near future, get in contact with use because we could certainly use your help. InfoATMtnbikeridersDOTcom

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