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The Dainese booth was hopping with interest all week at Interbike. Always the innovator in the world of protection Dainese did not disappoint for the up coming 2015.
You may have seen photos of the new PRO PACK and the new HYBRID KNEE and ELBOW pads early on from EUROBIKE just a month or so ago, but we at were able to see them first hand not to long ago prior to the show in a special secret location along with the rest of the 2015 line. Though we were sworn to secrecy, we kept our oath to Dainese not to tell a sole, besides they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

On the World Enduro racing scene back protection is mandatory for racing. Most racers will also use packs not only to carry essential tools, water bladder, tire repair items, food, and at times a fullface helmet for the descents, plus a open face helmet for the climbs. Other riders who are out for the all day epic long ride with major descents and climbing will also want the maximum ability to carry what they need and have the added benefit of protection also.
In comes the PRO PACK which we believe to be one of the most versatile packs on the market. With space in mind and the most protection for the back, this one would be hard pressed to miss in your gear bag.

Touring Mode-Here you see the outer portion of the pack. Big pockets for item storage is great for that daily trail ride, plus detachable helmet holder you can use in either mode.

Race Mode– Here you see the PRO PACK with the outer portion zipped off allowing for quick access to the essential pockets for tools, hydration pocket and other item you may need while racing. You will also notice the “FULL” back protection of the pack. This looks to be the most coverage we have seen on pack designed for this type of Enduro All Mountain riding. The pack is also Highly adjustable on the waist and shoulders.
It’s safety rated at the standard EN 1621.2 Level 1 rating. High marks in our book.

Hybrid Knee & Elbow
These new low-profile guards utilize two technologies, hard shell technology combined with Dainese soft PRO-SHAPE technology. Making them breathable, flexible, and comfortable to wear. Sizes range from S-XL.




Look for the new 2015 line at your local bike shops or one of three Dainese corporate D-STORE’s located in Orange County California, San Francisco California, or Chicago Illinois.

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