Mountain Bike Drinking Game

One of my buddies at suggested I try a drinking game catered for mountain biking. Anyone can do this and all you need is some booze and a mountain bike race. If you’re not a betting kinda of guy/gal, take a look of some tips to help you to understand the Sportsbetting Lines. Now that you’ve got a clear understanding, let’s begin. Go to your local mountain bike race and then start taking bets on winners/losers/crashes/kits/types of bikes and etc.

A perfect place for that would be Fontana where the folks at Southridge Racing Company put on Super D, Downhill and XC. So you’ve got a whole weekend of drinking games.

Super D you can take a shot for each rider that comes by with goggles, 2 shots for a rider with a full face helmet and 3 shots for a rider with no pads what so ever.

DH games would be 1 shot for a Troy Lee Designs jersey. 2 shots for clipess pedals and 3 shots for Converse shoes or for Specialized/Giant bikes.

XC racing could be played with the colors of the kits worn. 1 shot for green, 2 shots for pink and 3 shots for animal print.

You can include a variation of the games by adding crashes to the drinks or having a shot of whiskey for mechanical brake downs, a shot of tequila for blood drawn. You basically get the idea right?

I’m a big fan of drinking and mountain biking. Spectating races is pretty fun and when you add drinking to the mix, it makes it way more interesting. Mind you most race venues may not allow drinking, so make sure that the place you’re going to do this game at is cool with boozing. If not, brown bag your stuff so no one will see your boozey goods.

If there are no races near you, consider watching them online. VitalMTB or Redbull is always broadcasting big events like the Redbull Rampage or World Cup. Those races cold make for some really interesting reasons to drink. From back flips, crashes to time they cross the finish line.

If you’ve got a few weak sauce drinkers in your group, you may want to start off with beer. If your buddy is a guy with a vagina, then O’Douls…For each offense you guys take a swig. Eventually you’ll catch a great buzz and the whole day becomes more fun. Hard liquor could become expensive and after a few shots most people will probably pass out or throw up. So pick yer’ poison and see which is more fun for you and your buddies.

You basically could do this game for just about any racing or sporting events. From BMX, fishing and even figure skating. The possibilities are endless! Heck you could even do this for little league games, pop warner football and your church’s flag football games.

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