Here’s a bit of mountain biking advice…

No matter what you do…and please take this seriously. DO NOT GET RID OF ALL YOUR BIKES! Let’s say you’ve lost some of your mojo to ride lately and you’ve decided to slim down the stable by selling some of your bikes. Sure do that, but for the love of GOD, do not sell ALL of them. Keep at least one!

Here’s why. For starters, if you sell all your bikes and for some unseen reason you decide to get back into it, all that stuff, bikes, gear and etc is expensive! Secondly, once you’re a mountain biker, you’re always going to be a mountain biker. Look, I’ve gone through spells where I thought that I wouldn’t want to ride again, but after a while, I go out and try it and realize how much fun it is. I made the mistake of selling almost all of my bikes…well except 2. But I got rid of 2 downhill bikes, my 2 single speeds and etc. Guess what, I miss downhilling and I miss riding my single speed. Dangit…

What if it takes you years to get back into riding again? SO WHAT! Who cares how long it takes for you to get back on, once you back on the saddle you’ll love it. Ya, you’ll be out of shape, but you’ll work towards getting in to shape that’s different from round. Don’t worry about your bike’s technology becoming obsolete and all that jazz, no way man. Did you know there’s a rebirth of everything old in mountain biking? Stuff from the 80s are cool to ride again. If you had a wacky 90s DH bike that had 3″ of travel…that’s cool again! Seriously, there’s a sub-culture that just dig that stuff.

90s bike

Besides, selling your bike means you’ve given up all hope. If you find yourself selling your very last mountain bike from your collection, you might as well turn in your balls and man card, cuz you won’t need them.


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