The Bike Geek: Hello 2017!

Hello everyone, yes, this is The Bike Geek from what am I doing here? Have you seen this place lately??? This place needs a little content and since I happen to ride the dirt trails from time to time, I figure that I’ll contribute a bit.


So let’s start with what I did on 2016… Well, I rode the Fullerton Loop a bunch of times, in fact, I also used the world famous Fullerton Loop as part of my commute home. Whatttt you say? Yes, I scored a sweet Spicer Cycles Cyclocross bike that I used to ride to the train station then to work and then back to the train station and then home via the Loop. Shit, I even have it on video! But for that you will have to visit the Facebook page. So go on, I will wait….


OK, now that you have liked and you are probably asking yourself why are you liking a bike commuter site? I mean, some of you mountain bikers think that riding on the road is for pussies…. but how many closed calls have you had with a car while riding single track? Anyhow, I am not here to say that bike commuting is better than mountain biking, I actually enjoy all sorts of riding and riding all sorts of bicycles as well.

So one of my goals for 2017 is to mountain bike more and go to different places. In fact, I want to go ride some of those epic places that rich people brag about like Moab, Fruita or Whistler. I just gotta make sure that my wife signs my field trip slip first.

Stay tuned for a weekly post from me, I may do it on Fridays or maybe Wednesdays, I will let you know. Ride on..

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