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Alright so here’s something totally unrelated to mountain biking. The Moe got me a super cool present for Christmas! This here is a mini oak barrel. The purpose is to age your own whiskey, tequila and other booze. So here’s the deal, you’re supposed to pour in moonshine and let it age. But I didn’t have any, instead I took a bottle of Rebel Yell Bourbon that I received from my friend for Christmas. It’s a decent bourbon, but a little on the light side. I let it age in the barrel for a total of 2 weeks and boy I tell you what, the taste is incredible!


The booze became sweeter! Yep, I could taste hints of vanilla and caramel. The color also got darker, it went from a piss yellow to a darker amber color. There’s nothing better than pairing a good whiskey with a good smoke. In the photo I paired it with a Acid Cigars Kuba Kuba, which is a delicious medium smoke that goes well with any whiskey. I also like to take bites of chocolate to help enhance all the flavors while drinking and smoking. Damn…all this talk about booze and cigars is making me want some right now!

RL Policar

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