Hike report: O’neill Regional Park

Hike report??? Are we sleeping with the “enemy”? As mountain bikers, we always have to lookout for hikers and there are times that they disrupt our “flow”.

This past weekend we decided to mix things a bit and we gave hiking a go. RL was already camping at O’neill park so I joined him and 2 other friends for a hike.

We grabbed a map and headed to a trailhead. We hiked for a good 3 miles and we took in the views.

I was also checking out the different trails that could be ridden with our mountain bikes since we have never ridden at O’neill park. We found more than few singletrack sections that can be ridden and we also found sections that were for hiking only but unfortunately we saw bike tread marks. It is unfortunate because this is how mountain bikers get a bad rap and banned from some trails

We will be back for sure and this time with our bikes.