Long Distance MTN bike Training / Cross Training

    How do you get ready for those long distance bike rides, I often hear my coworkers ask me? I say to them I just ride. Well actually I just push myself a little harder every time I ride. Lately I have been

putting a little time in on the stair machine at my work’s Gym during lunch, I set it for 21 minutes and see how fast I can reach 100 floors climbed. We also have stationary Lemond Bike that I put some time in on while doing dumbbell weights at the same time to change it up.


I believe the most intense training I have been up to lately would be building my backyard by myself. Lots of digging, lifting , muscle building, & sweating.  My backyard was sloped and full of weeds. What better way to save some money and work out at the same time. I started in April 2009, I ordered 8 pallets of block totaling 30,000 pounds. In order for the retaining walls to go up I needed to start digging and moving about 40,000 pounds of dirt by shovel and wheel barrel. I am learning that the human body is an amazing machine if you take care of it and train hard you can accomplish some mighty large tasks.