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Ok…I’m trying.

Two weeks ago I was feeling down. Rather than drinking my way to happiness, I decided to get on the bike and do a short ride. 6 miles to be…


Let’s have a heart to heart

Hello everyone, This is RL Policar, I’m the founder of this here mountain biking website. In the last year I’ve had some personal challenges that I’ve been dealing with. Don’t…


Flannel Shirts Make Great Cold Weather Clothing

Let me get this out before you all start criticizing me. Cold for Southern California (SoCal) standards typically hovers around 40-50 degrees. So that means many mountain bikers in will…

Nutella energy gel

Cheaper Alternative to Energy Gels

If you’ve ever bonked or on the verge of bonking, quick energy might be the thing that saves you. For the most part mountain bikers will carry energy gels like…


Solo Rides-A Must

As much as I enjoy doing group rides, there something really great about doing solo rides. Personally I like it because I get to go at my own pace, stop…

trek 6500

New Project? Sure!

Not sure if you’ve caught on, but we love doing bike projects. In previous years we’d take on extravagant builds where we source parts from various brands. But times have…


Smell My Fingers!

Um…your fingers stink and it’s all because of your gloves! Seriously, when was the last time you washed your gloves? If you haven’t in a while, it probably explains why…

photo 2 (4)

Simple tip to keep your helmet from getting too stanky

Have you ever sniffed your helmet 2 days after riding it? It’s gonna smell musty and it’s going to have some stank in it. So here’s a quick little tip…


Having Children Will Totally Cramp Your Style

If you’re of age where you are starting to consider if you should have kids or not, then you better listen up. Having children will totally cramp your style. Don’t…

titus rockstar

What’s going on with the Two Tituses

Well it’s been well over a year since I received the Titus Rockstar 29er Alloy and about the same for LadyP’s Carbon Titus Rockstar 29er. Both bikes have performed flawlessly….