Smell My Fingers!

Um…your fingers stink and it’s all because of your gloves! Seriously, when was the last time you washed your gloves? If you haven’t in a while, it probably explains why you smell funky! Think about how gross your gloves are. You ride with them, so that means they’re covered in trail dirt, what about the time you dropped your chain…now they’re covered in grease. Oh remember when you did a snot-rocket, ya, now they’ve got mucous on them. What about those times when you wiped your sweaty face with them…man just thinking about it paints a clear picture in my head that your gloves are probably grosser than a 3 month old dish sponge that’s been sitting at the bottom of your sink full of dirty cereal bowls.
wash your smelly gloves
With that in mind, wash your gloves every few rides. I typically will throw them in the washer with my regular laundry, but hang dry them. Doing so, keeps my hands and fingers smelling so fresh, so clean…clean.

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