Me and the Woody are BBF…Best Biking Friends

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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but Woodstock Bikes is allowing me to keep the 707 to let me do more things to it. A few days ago you saw me do a posting on how I installed a new fork, Marzocchi Bomber with ETA and a new front tire, Kenda Kinetic 2.6!

I test rode the bike with its new front end on our Mother’s Day Ride and surprisingly this bike handled really well even with that big honking tire in the front.

Climbing wasn’t anything different. In fact, it was actually better since the Marzochhi fork has a lock out which not only prevents you from bobbing, but it also compresses down to 80mm when in that mode.

Now going down the hills is another story…the Woodstock 707 has some big balls! Seriously, this bike is Uber fun! With the new set up the 707 quickly made me forget about the other demo bikes we tested. The fit is great, suspension works awesome, component are right on cue….Man I’m starting to fall in love with this bike!

I’m actually thinking about getting this bad boy painted….a gun metal grey. At first I wanted a powder blue…but after seeing how this sucker rides, It needs a manly, beastly,psycho killer look!

RL Policar

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