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As RL and I were climbing Turnbull Canyon from the Whittier Side this past Saturday, another fellow mountain biker was riding behind us. He pretty much kept pace with us until RL slowed down a bit I kept going at the same pace. So then the guy asked me if RL was learning how to climb, to which I said no, we ride regularly. Then he goes onto saying how RL should be in better shape and should be powering through the climb and when he was RL’s age he was in top shape. So I told the dude that RL was riding on 4hrs of sleep and on a rig that is 10lbs heavier than he is used to, I then slowed down and stopped to wait for RL. The dude just kept on going.

So that got me thinking, WTF is it with some mountain bikers that think they are know-it-alls? Who the hell is that dude to be criticizing RL’s climbing abilities? If you are a regular reader, you know that the main premise of this site is recreational mountain biking, to me recreational=fun. We understand that our ‘relaxed vibe’ style is not for everyone, but every time we go out and ride, our main goal is to tear it up without killing ourselves, and that includes climbing a hill at a slower pace.

So to Mr. Spandex wearing mountain biker riding the Specialized Hardrock: Chill out, you may enjoy the ride….

3 thoughts on “The Fun Factor

  1. Thanks Moe.

    Yeah I can’t stand people like that, those are what I call the “Used to’s and Has Beens.”

    I was a bit irritated with his comment just because the guy had no guts to say it to my face. But in reality, if I had my singlespeed, I’m sure his tone would have been different. Ok,Ok.. I’m getting off my Single Speed pedestal now…I’m just saying…have fun, its not always a race out there.

  2. You are too light on that dude. He is an idiot. What moron would ride up to someone and make that comment. What an idiot. Your right, how the hell does know what RL’s situation is. Maybe he is near the end of a 30 mile ride or doesn’t feel 100%. Idiots like that need to keep their stupid opinions to themselves.

    You should have told the dude to visit this blog so he could read the comments.

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