Memorable Moments of 2008

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2008 was a great year for Not only did we see some tremendous growth in our web traffic, but we also made some new friends along the way. I asked the Staff to let me know what were some of their favorite events, products and shennanigans of 2008 and here’s a list of the things they mentioned.

Joe Solancho talked about how he felt that joining the Crew was like manna from heaven. He also mentioned how much fun he had at his first Interbike show.
interbike 2008 with RL, Moe and Joe

Jeremy Yang mentioned that his most memorable moments for 2008 was mainly Sea Otter Classic in Monterey. Here’s Jeremy showing a Donkey who’s the man while we were enjoying a cup of BAD ASS Coffee
bad ass Jeremy.
Jeremy also wanted to give mad props to Raxter Racks for building one of the best hitch mount racks he’s ever used.
raxter rack

Priscilla Policar told me that her most memorable moments was racing in 2008. Now that the season is over, she and I reminisced about her adventures in mountain biking. What’s great about it is, even though she had a few mishaps during the events, she never gave up. Not only did she finish each race, but she placed too! But her main highlight of her racing season was winning the championship for the Triple Crown Series here in SoCal.
Triple Crown Champion

The Moe stated a few memorable moments for 2008, here they are:

Proghorn at Sea Otter, My first Super D race, my 5 laps at the Tour de Tryptophan, our group rides, Interbike, bike builds, testing bikes, the Team, the new trails we rode, new friends we met, being recognized as ‘celebs.’

As for me, I’d have to agree with what everyone has already mentioned. But if I were to add a few more things, I would say that starting the Racing Team tops it off. We assembled a great team of riders that represented the various disciplines of mountain biking, and you know what, Eric Hunner, Kim and Tony Finch, Priscilla Policar, and Joe Solancho did a great job in making sure they rode with heart, style and professionalism while out on the trail.

I also wanted to reflect on what Moe was talking about how we’ve been recognized more so this year than any other time by our readers. There was one occasion in which we met one of our loyal readers at the Loop and when he saw Moe, Priscilla and I, he was…star struck…So just for that, I’d like to make a shout out to our boy, cALvIn (as I pump my fist to my chest and then turn it into a peace sign).

Ok going back to the memorable stuff…well honestly Moe and I couldn’t really do all that does if it wasn’t for the staff. Priscilla Policar, as you know is my wife. She’s the bestest wife there is! Not only does she get excited about bike stuff, but she can ride like the wind! She’s fun to be with, she’s fast, she’s a great racer, great inspiration…basically I’m saying, I’m one lucky man! I must have done something right in this life time to deserve her.

Ok, I better start talking about Jeremy, cuz’ he might feel left out since I’m talk all that luv’ n’ stuff about Priscilla. Jeremy is one great guy. He is our Bicycle Encyclopedia. He’s usually my go to guy when it comes to technical stuff. The dude LOVES bikes. So that means he immerses himself in all that is MOUNTAIN BIKE and somehow is able to manage his career, family life and making sure Mrs. Yang is happy.

If you ever have a chance to meet him in person, don’t let his tall frame intimidate you. He really is a great guy. His height does come in handy when I go and pick fights…all I have to do is yell for Jeremy and once the bad guys see him, they all back down. Anyway, Jeremy is super cool!

Let me get into talking about Mr. Solancho. Joe and I actually met on the forums talking about Full Suspension Single Speeds. Fortunately he was locally and we hooked up a ride at Bonelli Park, and the rest, as they say is history.

Joe joined the staff sometime in the Spring of 08. We wanted him to help us out with the site because in our book he was super cool. By the way, being Filipino makes you automatically super cool. But if you’re a douche and you’re Filipino, then you’re not super cool. On the serious side, Joe is an accomplished action sports photographer and has done work for some of big names out there. Joe is also a pretty darn good racer that has participated in many XC and DH events in which he places in. With his combined MAD cat like abilities to handle a mountain bike and super smooth photo skills, plus he’s got this killer hair…it was a win win situation for both the site and for Joe. However, the promise of a fat salary was a great lure for Joe, yes we pay Joe with..tons of Moe and RL Sandwiches!

How can I forget about my partner Moe Ramirez. Um, that’s partner as in Business Partner, not life partner. But there’s nothing wrong with that, I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion. Ok now that we have that all clear, my business partner and awesome, super duper friend Moe, is one in a million. Moe and I have been friends for many years. Our kids play together, we’ve had meals in each other’s homes plus we’ve been riding since the days of “Team Zoom”…ask me about that later on…Anyhow, as I’ve mentioned this before, Moe is THE brains of the operations. He does all the programming and technical stuff. Basically what you see on the sites, its all him. He’s a very intelligent man and I’m lucky enough to have him as my partner.

So that covers just about everything that was memorable for the staff of of 2008. We hope you’ve enjoyed visiting our site and we know that there are many choices for you to get mountain bike related information, but yet you still come to We thank you. That’s pretty super cool of you to do that. So to all of our readers, I’d like to say, You’re super cool! Remember, if you’re a douche, then you’re not super cool.

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of and Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).

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