Kuat Innovations The NV Hitch Mount Rack-Being Tested

Just received this bad boy the other day for testing from KUAT Innovations.

kuat the nv

Here’s some photos on how it looks on the Limo.

The NV came with additional adapters to allow 700c wheels. But what you see can also handle 29er wheels. Plus it ratchets so you can make sure your bike is snug and with a simple press of the button, it releases.

Wheel tray.

Large quick release lever allows multiple rack positions.

Tilt forward



Built in lock and cable

See that knob, you crank on it and it will tighten the rack against your hitch to prevent sway.

Here’s the best part of the rack, built in repair stand!

I’ll be testing this rack in the next few months. For more information, check out KUAT Innovations.

7 Replies to “Kuat Innovations The NV Hitch Mount Rack-Being Tested”

  1. Looks good, but not the budget option. You get the work stand for an extra $100 over the Thule. I would rather be able to walk all the way around the work stand and not need a car to use it. Like the idea though.

  2. I believe the purpose of the work stand is to have it there when you need to work on the bike before or after a ride. It’s not so much a shop stand.

  3. The rack DEFINITELY looks sexier than my Thule T2. The integrated repair stand is an excellent touch and makes me wonder why hasn’t anyone though about this sooner. BUT, I do see some design omissions though. From the pictures the bike trays appear to be fixed; lacking the adjustability of moving up/down or sliding a little bit to the left/right.
    Not all vehicles and bikes are the same. In the upright position, the bike trays could potentially obstruct the taillights/turn signals. In the lowered position, side by side bikes wouldnt be able to ‘stagger’ i.e. bike facing left will hit saddle/frame of bike facing right especially if both bikes are of the same size.

    I could be wrong as I have not seen it in person.

    I do agree with Dan though, $475 is a bit steep and I’d rather take along a folding (Park Tool) stand. Maybe at a lower pricepoint KUAT would be more of a threat with other (expensive) hitchmounted carriers like Thule and Yakima

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