Sweat GUTR – The Ultimate Sweatband

Tired of sweat dripping into your eyes? Check out the new Sweat GUTR. This sweatband catches and channels the sweat away from your eyes. Unlike similar products, the Sweat GUTR doesn’t saturate which gives you that nasty feeling of soaked headband…yuk!


The GUTR is made from a non latex material and is non hypoallergenic. It’s a proprietary product made specifically for Sweat GUTR. It comes with three closure bands (small, medium and large) which assists in the fitting and securing the GUTR on your head.

Smoke color shown with the three closure bands.

The Sweat GUTR positioned just above the eyebrows

Benefits if the GUTR:

– Channels sweat from your eyes
– Never saturates
– Ultra Comfortable
– Great with bike helmets
– Built to last & easy to clean

Low profile and hardly noticeable

Circle back as one of our Team Racers tests the Sweat GUTR. For more information, go to www.sweatgutr.com.