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Ok let’s do a heart to heart here….one thing I can’t stand is the term “BRO” by people I don’t know.
bro bro
Everyday I’m inundated by strangers using the word “BRO” when they’re talking to me. For example, “Hey Bro…Thanks Bro…Bro can you pass the ketchup…Bro you have some spare change…Bro do you have a dollar…Bro can you buy me some beer…” Ya…BRO…

It’s really a pet peeve of mine for people to use it especially if they don’t know me at all. I know it’s probably the same as me saying “dude” in which I do use quite often, but Gosh man…I just don’t like BRO! Ok there are some exceptions for the use of BRO…My brother who is my REAL BRO can say it. Well, I could totally do without the “lil” part…but its ok, he’s my BRO.
lil bro
Then there’s the people I ride with or even our readers on MtnBikeRiders.com. You folks are ok to call me BRO, but its those guys at the gas station…people I deal with at the grocery store or bike shops…I’m not your BRO!
bro bro broooo

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