Hungry? Get something to eat out of your hydration pack.

I know I’m not the only one who will raid their hydration pack for food during the day…while at work, right? I mean, you guys do that too, right? Well, I for one, am not ashamed to admit that in the middle of the day while at the office, will occasionally go to my car and get my hydration pack to dig through in hopes there’s something to eat inside.

This is me looking through Lady P’s hydration pack for a snack.

So this morning was no different, well actually it was. I had an early meeting with a client and I totally forgot to eat breakfast. As I was driving back, I got really hungry. I didn’t want to get fast food, so as I’m humming along the freeway, I reached back to grab my pack. I recalled that I had made 2 Nutella sandwiches on Monday for our ride. Since I only ate one, that day I had the other sandwich in there. I pulled it out and started eating it…yum! Ya the bread was kinda old and the Nutella got hard, but heck it was food!

Fortunately, I had that sandwich in there, but there have been times when the hunger monsters came and I snacked on gel packs, and Clif Bars as well as Clif Shots. But c’mon, you know you’ve done that too!