The Moe’s Come Back Ride

A few months ago The Moe took a dive during a DH practice run at Fontana. He took a jump, landed but his bike bucked him off and OTB he went. Little did he know that his fall actually resulted in a REALLY messed up shoulder. He knew it hurt but he didn’t know the extent of the injury since he kept DH racing. Months later the pain got to The Moe. He finally went in and the doctor said that he tore his labral or something like that. That meant surgery, a few screws and orders that he stay off the bike for months.

Well its been a long few months and the Doc gave him the ok to start riding again. When The Moe told me that he wanted to ride the Fullerton Loop, I assembled a Welcome Back Ride with a few Trail Thugs to help him ease back into the joy of riding.

The Moe

Randall Robinson. He has a nick name of “Full Squish.” But that was sooo 2008. I’m assigning him a new name. Randall “Radical” Robinson.

Priscilla “hawtness” Policar

The Dr. is in! Gabe “Dr. Thunda” Preda

I actually forgot his name, so for now, his name is “This Guy.”

Cameron “Mac” McMackin. That’s one cool last name! Can you imagine all the ways you can use that? “McLovin'”, “MacDaddy”, “Daddy Mac”, “Snackin On Da Mackin”, “Mac Attack”, “Mac Mac”…the possibilities are endless.

Andrew “GoGo” Gomez

The Moe felt pretty good during the ride. Though there were times he had to walk some of the hills, he was back in his groove on the descents.

Have you ever heard of that saying, “your bike will go where you’re looking?” Well sure enough, The Moe was trying to avoid the mud pit and look where he ended up.

hmm…I guess 29ers don’t really roll over everything.

By the end of it all, we had an awesome time. No injuries, no mechanicals, just pure fun. We’re glad to see The Moe Back on the trails. Who knows, you may see him at the next DH Race.

Weekend Ride Report: Temecula, Ca.

This weekend Priscilla and I visited our friends Scott and Jennifer Finch out in Temecula on a ranch that they live at. The ranch has about 20 acres of land and Scott along with his 13 year old son Alex, built a little downhill trail that included a rock garden, whoops, a ladder, berms and a ton of fun!

We arrived in Temecula around 2pm on Saturday afternoon and immediately Scott, Alex and I scoped out the trail and started doing some practice runs. Here’s Scott and I resting on one of the many boulders on the course.

Here’s a Alex coming down the hill, he may look small, but this guy has the makings of a pro downhiller.

A shot of Alex coaching me through the ladder section.

Then later on in the evening, Scott, Jen, Priscilla and I rode through some fire roads to some sort of nature preserve in Temecula. Our ride was about 12 miles round trip. Picture of Scott and I. We’re actually in talks with Scott about becoming a Writer for He used to own RPM Cyclery in Lake Elsinore. But now he’ll be going to Taiwan for about 10 months, and he was telling me about all the trails out there and possibly going to the Taipei Bicycle Show and going on a few factory tours on behalf of…dang, I guess you can say we’ve gone international!

Jen and Priscilla riding through the back country.

We had an awesome time this weekend with the Finch Family. Scott is working on a review of a helmet cam we received a while back. He’ll get that up soon enough. I’m also working on a video of our weekend. I just need to compile it. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did on their rides this weekend, please leave a comment and share about your adventures!

Ride Report: Bonelli Park, San Dimas, Ca. and a few friends rode Bonelli Park. in San Dimas Ca. If you remember, this was the race where Priscilla, Jeremy, and Joe Solancho all placed on the podium. It’s a pretty short, but brutal course with steep climbs and fast descents. This time around we rode the trail backwards. Keep in mind that on Saturday the temperature rose into the 90’s. We had an earlier start to try and beat the heat, but it was out of vain. Half way through the ride, we were all feeling the effects of the hot sun.

Personally I was miserable. I had a mild case of heat exhaustion by the end of the ride. Ya, I had all the known symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, muscle weakness and a killer headache…

Here’s one of our re-grouping spots. We tried to get under the shade every chance we got, but Bonelli doesn’t offer much coverage.

Thanks to Joe Solancho for the great photos.

A shot of me climbing one of many hills…this was the point where I first dry heaved. There were more to follow…

We had two mechanicals that morning, one was Jeremy getting a pinch flat, and another where Priscilla got a thorn in her tire.

Here’s Jeremy aka “Mr.Rigid” (known for his bike and its a nick name his wife has for him) happily climbing. Tim S. isn’t far behind while Randall and I are walking, what we like to take our time. Besides, we were the “sweepers” of the ride.

Priscilla was back in her game that day. She did some sort of cleanse where it left her really messed up at last week’s ride. But this weekend, she was back in her groove and was able to keep up with the boys and out climb most of us…including me up the hills.

As always, I created a short video to document our adventures, enjoy!

How to have a Mountain Biking Entourage

Being an internet celebrity that I am, thanks to MtnBikeRiders, BikeCommuters and the rest of our sites, I constantly get bombarded by fans and the media. So on that note, I took a lesson from many gansta’ rappers and started riding with an entourage for protection as well as prestige.

So here’s the first rule. Find riders that have inferior riding skills and assign them roles. The first would be the Lead. This person is “in charge” of leading the pack. Then you find a REALLY slow rider with Massive Amounts of Discipline, or M.A.D, assign them to be the “sweeper.” Assigning roles to mediocre riders will give them a sense of pride and purpose.

These inferior riders will also be required to dress the part, meaning they should at least look good while riding. Thus the pads, gloves, Fox jerseys, $200 helmets and $3000 bikes. The essence of the entourage is to ride in a pack.

Without the pack, then you look just like a group ride. But the entourage makes you look legit…like a force to be reckon’d with. Here’s an example of a “lead” of the ride.

Here’s a picture of a “sweeper” with M.A.D. Notice how I’m taking the photo in front of him. Do that on occasion and send it to them via email…makes them feel cool.

Keep in mind that you occasionally have to ride up to the Lead and give them a few encouraging words to help motivate them. Say something like, “Hey your calves look bigger, you’ve been riding more huh?” or “Dang man you gotta slow down, I can’t keep up!” Words like that will help boost their self esteem…

One last great thing about an entourage is having people there to show off your skills…cuz remember, none of them can do any of that stuff…especially if you’re Fast And Technical, or F.A.T like me…

To get more information on how to roll with an entourage, send me $19.95 for a CD that will explore all facets of being a Mountain Biking Internet Celebrity.

When riding solo…do you pretend you’re in a race?

Yesterday I was riding solo again. But I realized that any time I saw someone ahead, it motivated me to ride harder and eventually pass them up.

Now keep in mind, I’m not the fastest person on the trail, but when I do see someone in front, I start playing the songs from The Collective in my head and pump my legs so they’re spinning as fast as a little hamster on a wheel. Sometimes this is hard to do since my SS’s drive train is only 32/18, but it sure feels good when I say “on your left.”

Let me give you a detailed account of my break down of the peleton out on the Fullerton Loop yesterday. Once I got to the parking lot, I got ready and by this time, I had seen at least 3 groups that had already left. So that meant I was already plotting my “attack mode” on the trail. The first goal was to catch up the last group. About 5 of them, 4 men and 1 woman. The woman was the last person on the train. I spun my little legs through the the first single track and when it split into a Y, I called out “on your left!…Good morning!” Remember all this time I’m playing music in my head. This time it this song from the opening scene of the Collective, something about “trippin.”

Anyhow, I see her other trail buddies, and they’re cruising at a pace that would be considered relaxed vibe, but I’m not cuz’ I’m mentally in a race and I’ve got my bibs and an actual jersey on, so that means I’m riding in XC style. Now the music changes….to Celine Dione…What? Wait no…let me hit the FFWD button in my brain! Ok now we’ve got some Barry Manilow…WTF!?! NO! FFWD again…ok got some Slackstring playing Sunday Jen…ok much better, I get back into my “racing” groove and I steadily pick off one rider after another. Eventually I’ve managed to completely pass that whole group. Yes it still counts even if they stopped to wait for the other riders, I still passed them…so it counts!

Now I’m cruising along towards a gradual climb. This section of the Loop goes through a farm like place where the group ahead of me is obviously taunting me because they’re riding super slow. The knee high socks, backwards helmets, and jeans make me think these guys are either newbies on the trail or it was a clever ploy to disguise themselves since they were actually some fast XC racers. You know the kind, all skin and muscles…yup that’s what they were! The MGX and Mongoose mountain bikes they rode look like they were from Wal Mart, but I think they used these bikes as their training bikes….Anyhow, I pass every single one of them without a problem…

Now I’m getting to this gradual climb that really just sucks. It’s a pavement climb along a park that is right after Rosecrans Ave. I spot my next group of victims…3 guys on big heavy all mountain bikes. I pluck them off one at a time and I get to the top of the hill ready to hurl…By this time my mental music player is blaring some Rocky music…Eye of the Tiger!

As I make my way through the trails I only encounter one more group. But I gave them mercy and shut off my racing mode and even turned down the music in my head, that way the I can hear the voices that normally talk to me….what? No I didn’t say anything about you! Shut up!….Sorry, that was Bad RL wanting to come out and play. So back to my pretend racing. By the time I got back to the car, I felt great because I had just gotten on the podium! That’s right I placed in this race and as I look out into the crowd, my kids are cheering, and Priscilla is winking at me! Not bad eh? I didn’t even pay an entry fee!

I know you guys can relate because mental racing makes riding solo a bit more fun!

Date Night

Last night I took Priscilla on a unique date that involved our bicycles. I loaded up my Xtracycle with a blanket, and a cooler full of “refreshments.” I rigged up the bikes with some lights for safety. Priscilla’s Electra was bling’d up with my Down Low Glow neon light.

We rode up to a near by park called Mountain View, set up and gazed at the stars. My camera sucks, so its not like you could really see that well, but it was a clear and cool night.

Here’s a shot of a ferris wheel at a near by Brea Carnival that’s set to take place this weekend.

We had a great time even though this was a low cost, low tech date. Sometimes it doesn’t take that much to enjoy each other’s company…a couple of bikes, a blanket and “refreshments.” You should try it too with your special person!

Love, Hate relationship…

This morning I got extra early to get in a few short miles before work(this is the hate part). I got out my SS rig and headed to the Fullerton Loop(the love part). Sorry no pics.

As I started on my ride, my legs began to get warmed up and then quickly feeling them burn from the lactic acid that was caused my speedy, hamster like legs spinning my 32/18t drive train(hate). As I entered into the first single track, I spun even faster in hopes of achieving some good flow. But being limited to my lack of gears, I maintained the same speed all the way through. (

On my first climb, I try to sit as long as I can then at the last minute, I jump out of my saddle to put some extra power on the wheels so I can get up over the crest(love).(entering hate) By this time my legs are burning, lungs are filled up and my arms are worn. If you didn’t know, riding a SS makes you use quite a bit of your upper body. There’s tons of pushing and pulling on the bars. That’s why you’ll see a number of SSers that have bar ends, it helps out with the climb.

I as I continued on my ride, I started asking myself why did I get up so early to do this(hate)? Mountain bikers must be masochistic people since there’s so much pain involved with riding and the pleasure of it seems to be a shorter experience…not sure if the trade off is really that great. Think about it, you climb and climb. Some times you feel like you’re pedaling forever(hate), for what? Just to get to go down a hill(love) that you may eat it on(hate)?

So if you ask me, mountain biking reminds me of the people you’ll see on the show COPS where the police get sent to a domestic disturbance call in which the husband hit the wife, but when the cops show up to arrest him, she doesn’t want to press charges, because she loves him! That’s like you and I when it comes to mountain biking…we get totally beat up by climbing, but we rationalize it by saying…”oh it was worth the climb!”….aye…mountain bikers must be messed up in the head… 🙂