Review: Sette ST-7 DLX Workstand w/Tray and Tote bag

Back in June we received the Sette ST-7 workstand from Price Point.  For many cyclists who are wrench-at-home guys/gals, the ST-7 is the perfect addition to your tools.  Not only is it compact, it is fully adjustable to various heights and head angles.  It can accommodate different types of bikes (road/mtn).  It is also handy when cleaning your bike and is easy to store.  To top it off, it has a very reasonable price tag.

The Stand: The ST-7 is constructed out of tubular steel frame.   Very durable that can withstand heavy bikes.  Although a weight limit is not listed on the specs, it held my 40+ lbs Intense SOCOM downhill bike without any problems.  As stated above the stand is adjustable in height.  The tallest setting is at 59”.  Its locking clamp is padded and can be rotated 360°.   It utilizes QR (quick release)locking mechanism at three major areas on the stand – folding, height adjustment and the head.

Accessories:  Included with this package is a heavy duty padded nylon bag. It has external pockets for small accessories and for the foldable tray (also included).  With the bag you can transport the stand with ease from your garage to the races, or anywhere else you would like.  It has an adjustable shoulder strap.  The ST-7 collapses to a mere 38”.

Also included is a work tray.  It is a half-circle in shape and folds for storage/transport.  It has several compartments for miscellaneous parts and 20 slots for various tools.  This can be mounted directly onto the stand via metal fasteners. 

IMG_1893 by you.                                          40+ lbs Intense Socom mounted on the ST-7 at the Vail Lake DH.

In the beginning I did have issues when I mounted one of my heavier bikes.  After several minutes I would find the main shaft slipping or lowering in height.  This happened as well when I torqued on my crank installation.  After securely tightening the QR clamp, I haven’t had any problems since.  I would recommend that if you store your stand regularly after use or often transport to races, securely tighten the QRs after each set-up (before use).  Just like the QRs on your bike, you want to ensure that it is tight.

After several months of putting the ST-7 to use, it has definitely held up well.  With regular maintenance and cleaning at home; and regular trips to the races, I haven’t had any issues.  I’ve mounted various bikes on the ST-7, weight ranging from 25 – 40+ lbs.  It has work flawlessly… it’s perfect!

If you are looking for a great quality stand and not willing to pay the higher priced name brands, the Sette ST-7 is the one!  This can be a perfect gift for the coming Holidays

IMG_9003 by you.                                                                                 Prepping the bike prior to race time at Mt. SAC.

This complete package sells for $114.98.  For more information, log onto highly recommends the ST-7!

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  1. I know this is from 2 years ago. I really appreciate this review, as I am in the market for a stand. It looks very similar to the Vuelta XRP Repair Stand (w/o the bag and the tool tray). I went with the Vuelta though because its free shipping. I’m wondering if your repair stands are still working to this day? Thx.

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