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I’ve been riding the Sette Venom for a few months now. It originally came to us as a frame for a build project.
sette venom

You can easily order the Sette Venom from As of this writing, the frame is for sale at the price of $499.With the frame you’re getting a Rock Shox Vivid 5.1.

I’ve been riding the Sette Venom for a few months and it has even seen some racing action. The bike debuted at Mammoth for the Golden State Finals. I was able to claim a 4th place position in my category.

So how does this bike perform? Pretty well if you ask me. After the build I weighed it, and I was able to get the Venom down to a pretty lean 35lbs. That’s not bad considering I was using this bike as my primary downhill bike. The head tube angle on the Venom is set at 68 degrees. You can actually tell right away when you sit down on it that the angle is not as slack as a bike that is comparable like the KHS Lucky 7 at 66.35 degrees.

If anything, the Venom could actually be set up as a great All Mountain bike. You could if you wanted to since it has the ability to run a front derailleur. I had thought about that set up because it would make the Venom more versatile. But I opted to run a chain guide with a 38T ring for DH racing.

The Sette Venom actually rides pretty plush. Thanks to the Rock Shox Vivid! The bike excels on the turns and berms. At the Mammoth race, on the lower section of the course, there were some deep berms that were gouged out by previous riders on their race run. So by the time my category (we were the last ones to go) lined up, the corners were pretty much chewed out. So that meant that some of these turns were deeper and faster. Turn after turn, the Venom would hook up, and launch me out of there with conviction.


Material 7005/ 6061 Aluminum
Welding Tig Welding
Rear Suspension Travel 7″/ 177.8mm
Recommended Fork Suspension Travel 7″-8″/ 180-200mm
Headset 1-1/8″ Standard
Front Derailleur 34.9mm Bottom Pull
Bottom Bracket 73mm
Max Rear Tire Clearance 2.5″
Seatpost Size 31.6mm
Seat Clamp Size 34.9mm
Disc Mount IS Standard
Shock Length (eye-to-eye) 8.75″/ 222.3mm
Shock Stroke 50mm
Damping External ending stroke rebound, beginning stroke rebound,
and compression
Available Sizes Small (17″/43cm), Medium (18″/46cm)
Color(s) Red

11.35lbs (w/ Shock, Small Size Avg.)
Warranty 5 Years

Here are some of the things that I really enjoyed about the Sette Venom:

1. Affordable
2. Light DH/FR bike
3. Unbreakable. The bike fell of my roof rack…no damage.
4. You can use standard QR wheels in the rear (135mm spacing)
5. Takes corners and berms like a real man
6. Rear end reacts to the trail conditions. No pogo stick effect from the Rock Shox Vivid
7. Adjustable travel, 6-7″
8. Pivot bearings are legit. Haven’t had any issues.
9. Front derailleur ready
10. Great DH bike for anyone on a budget.

Some of the things I didn’t like about the Sette Venom:
1. Ugly color.
-I wasn’t a fan of their version of “red.” The Venom is more of a brick red than an Angel’s Red.

There really wasn’t more to list on the negative side. All in all I was pretty impressed with the frame/bike and in the months I’ve tested it, I didn’t experience any issues with the frame.


The Sette Venom is a legit frame. Race tested and Rider approved. This frame has been through many crashes on the trail and it even fell of my car while I was transporting it. For the price, you can’t beat it. This frame is perfect for anyone that is on a budget wanting to get into DH. It’s bombproof, reliable and its affordable. If there’s anything I could stress about the Sette Venom, it would have to be the cost of it. $499 is crazy for a frame that could do all the things that I had it do. Shoot, some XC frames cost more than the Venom. At least with the Sette, you can abuse this thing and it keeps coming back for more. The Sette Venom helped me get through 2 downhill races, both times I placed 4th, and it has been a blast to ride through some of the local trails in Socal.

Here’s some video that shows the Sette Venom in action. I’m the guy wearing white with green sleeves


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