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Big thanks to the Crew for putting together a small, yet intimate (more on that later) ride this past Wednesday @ the World Famous Fulerton Loop.

From the left to the right, Cons, Doc Thunda, RL and Priscilla in the back.

Moe graced use with his presence. He’s mad-like training for his Super D races that he plans on dominating. In this photo, Moe is showing off is mind blowing ability to extend his index and pinky fingers. Or he could be showing off how many burritos he had at lunch. Another assumption is he’s showing how many cupcakes he’ll eat later that evening.

Group shot but this time its with Cuh’ Joe.

We had a great ride that evening, plenty of regrouping, and chit-chatting. I was really encouraged to have everyone there that evening to help me celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately, my cyclocross bike got a flat. I’m one of those guys that doesn’t like to carry any of my own tools and tubes.That’s because I know other people will have it, so there’s no need to weigh down my hydration pack and have all that excess baggage slow me down. Lucky for me, Moe had a pump and a 700c tube. With the help of Doc Thunda’s tire lever, we were back on the the trail in just a few minutes.

Remember how I was talking about the ride being “intimate”…here’s what I mean…BUTT SHOTS! Ooooh yeah….that’s what I’m talking about!

Here’s Moe’s awesome glutes.

Doc Thunda getting ready to perform a prostate exam on me, another shot of Moe’s butt! Owww! Sexy!

We ended our ride at the local Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, in which I enjoyed myself a very healthy Carne Asada Salad. We then chased it down with Priscilla’s famous homemade cupcakes! Yup, even the frosting is made from scratch!

Before I close out this posting, have a bit of fun and add a caption to this photo. The best one I came up with was….

“Moe found what Cons was hiding…”

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