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So, a friend asks me tonight, “What’s the best lube to keep my bike as slick and as dialed as yours Albacore?” I tell him of this new (to me) stuff I have been using lately. When I find something I like I stick with it. Once a product proves its worth I become a loyal follower. I write its name over and over on my Pee-Chee, I tattoo it on my neck, I build a shrine to it in my yard surrounded by candles, and the truest test of loyalty — I gladly pay, sometimes even pay more for it. So to get me to switch to a new product that product had better be phenomenal. You had better be lighter, stronger, faster, tastier, emit rainbows, breed unicorns, or dispense cash, candy, and liquor. Or, the ultimate tool of persuasion, you are free.

That is just what got me to switch from Boeshiled T-9. I have been using T-9 exclusively since 1998. Prior to that I have tried every lube there is. Some were too oily, too waxy, too flaky, too messy, or were only good for making a blue flaming drivetrain.

Nothing has ever beaten T-9. It works. It keeps your chain lubed in all conditions. It is smooth, quiet, reduces wear and friction, keeps your drivetrain clean, and makes you waffles in the morning. So when RFD knocked on my door bearing gifts I was reluctant to say thanks. In one hand he had a bottle of homemade wine (I did thank him for that), and in the other hand he a bottle of Pedros Ice Wax.

Pedros Ice Wax

The bottle of Ice Wax sat on my workbench for a few weeks. Then, when Newb had me tune his bike I figured he would be the perfect guinea pig. After all, NMB is spoken here. (NMB — Not My Bike.) Now I am particular about my bike. I am not going to spray a new lube all willy-nilly on my chain without first removing all parts and doing a thorough solvent wash. Always start with a clean slate, err chain. Again, Newb’s bike was the ideal candidate.

The first thing I noticed about Ice Wax was its viscosity. This stuff is thick. The bottle has a finely tipped applicator that dispenses a steady stream of icing. Yes, it looks like icing. I thought for a minute I had one of Lady P’s cake decorating tools and not a bike lube. I thought that there is now way this is going to keep a drivetrain clean. On the bright side, it is so heavy you easily see where you applied it. There is no guessing if you have hit every link.

From Pedros site:

I recommend you pedal slowly when applying Ice Wax. Its viscous nature will disperse itself all over your frame and components if you go too fast. Simply hold a rag around the chain, backpedal, and wipe off the excess. Next, which is key with ANY and ALL lubes, let it sit for an hour, or 2, or ideally, overnight. I hate those wankers(C) who pull up to the trailhead, unload their bike, squirt on some lube, then ride off. I want to strangle you with a derailleur cable.

So, by now you are either dying to know how this stuff works, or you have gotten bored and are now perusing some Hot Latinas site. It works great. I have been using Ice Wax for 2 months and I love it. How much do I love it? 1: I’m using it, that’s endorsement enough. 2: I’m reviewing it, and recommending it completely unsolicited. I was not asked to try it out and write a review. It is something I started using and was impressed with. I suggest you use it to. Hell, I would even buy more when my current bottle runs out. Like the name says, it is a wax, and thus, works like wax. Novel huh? It coats completely, keeping dirt and grime at bay, keeping everything smooth and slick and quiet. It is not specifically designed for muddy environments but in these past wet weeks it has worked well to keep me clean and shifting through the slop. Just look at how nice my chain looks:



Lasts for multiple rides
$10 for 4oz is a deal


Can be messy when applying if rushed or overapplied

2 thoughts on “Pedros Ice Wax Review aka Lube That Chassis

  1. I’ve got an ancient bottle of this stuff lying about. I might have to re-investigate it, since a fellow founding member of Team Shiznit’s recommendations carry some weight. The Rock N Roll will have to step aside for the moment.

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