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More testing with Bon Jovi

Posted by RL Policar On December - 5 - 20131 COMMENT

Over the Thanksgiving weekend Art and I decided to do some riding and testing and kicking assing. Yes…assing. So Art got some sweet photos of me pretending to be hardcore. Well, I actually don’t have to pretend because I’m already all hardcore and stuff. In fact it was quite the opposite, I had to turn down my hardcoreness and keep it at a minimum. So the photos below shows how fun it is to ride the Titus Rockstar and I’m trying to demonstrate how nimble it is.

But first, I have to pee!
watering the grass

Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty. I’ve built up Bon Jovi to ride more like a train/enduro bike, thus the super wide bars. As they say…Elbows Out…side to side…lean like a cholo. In this case, I’m dressed like one too!

I like this action shot of my fantastically firm calves. Oh yeah, the bike looks great too!
titus rockstar

For some reason, when I am doing anything aggressive on the bike I make a duck face…
1titus rockstar duck face

The wider bars allow me to have more leverage and better control of the bike. You really should try getting wider bars and a shorter stem. This is especially helpful when you have short arms like I do.
titus rockstar

So far I’m really loving Bon Jovi. This bike is wicked fun and I’ve been itching to take him through some downhill courses at Fontana just to see how well he’d do.

Nashbar’s Bee’s Knees first impression

Posted by Moe Ramirez On November - 30 - 2013ADD COMMENTS


When my buddy RL asked me if I wanted to do a review of a 650b Singlespeed rigid mountain bike I quickly jumped at the opportunity. Singlespeed bikes have always been dear to my heart, I just love their simplicity; no adjusting derailleurs, forks, or rear shocks. I have owned and ridden singlespeed bicycles with both 26 and 29 inch tires and from what I remembered, those bikes kicked my butt but were super fun to ride.


When I first saw this bike, I was expecting something “less” of a bike since it sells for $499, but I was pleased to see that it comes with Avid disc brakes and my favorite all-around tires Kenda Nevegals. I also loved the “British Racing” green paint scheme, the white part is a little odd but it maybe a canvas for some personal stickers!


The first item of business was to make the Bee’s Knees more “knee” friendly, we swapped the stock 38×16 drivetrain to a 32X18 combination. This setup is perfect for the World Famous Fullerton Loop which consists of mostly flat terrain with a few steep short uphills.


Our choice of gearing made riding this bike quite fun. I was going a at decent clip on the straights, I was spinning hard but not to the point of “spinning out”. The full rigid setup made climbing so much easier than on my full suspension 29er, I just had to make sure that I had enough momentum before I hit the climbs. Yes, the ride was a little rough on the downhills, but shifting my body towards the rear and relaxing my arms made it tolerable. As as side note, I hit 21 mph on the longest downhill where I would normally hit 24 mph on my FS.


So what are my thoughts of a 650B? I like it… a lot… Steering is quicker, climbing is easier and that famous “29er momentum” is still there. And how about the Bee’s Knees? I dig this bike, it was really fun to ride and the price is quite affordable. Stay tuned for the full review, I will be riding the Bee’s knees during my weekly night rides and hopefully take it to a trail where I can really abuse it.

For specs and price information click on this link: Clothing Clearance Event

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In the spirit of Black Friday and making money and all that jazz. We’ve gone through our inventory and figured we’d sell what ever we had left in stock. So this means these items are the last of them. No refunds, or exchanges or you whining about how you got the wrong size and etc. Got it? Ok good. So here’s a list of the items we have for sale. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. If you order the item on a holiday, then you’re going to have to wait until we’re done holidaying it up before we ship it. All items are US ONLY shipping.

We’ve only got a handful of these t-shirts left. $5+$2.50 for shipping.
white mtn t shirt


We have ONE left of our 5 year jersey. Size Medium. $20+$2.50 shipping.
5 year copy

Our famous Pink Tuxedo. $20+$2.50 shipping. This jersey allows you to do really cool stuff without the use of beer.
pink tuxedo


Burt Reynolds…Retires

Posted by RL Policar On November - 21 - 20131 COMMENT

It is with a heavy heart to announce that our very own Burt Reynolds is retiring. He’s gone from a regular Redline D600 to a rigid single speed, then to a formidable XC riding machine with X9 parts and all that jazz.

On his latest rendition he donned a whole new look with blue plastidip. But unfortunately, this is goodbye for Burt Reynolds. It’s been a great 11 months since all the changes. I’ve had hundreds of miles of fun with Burt and I will miss him. This is how he looked this morning. Still spry, but a bit tired. Thanks for the fun times Burt!
burt reynolds

So we’ve got jerseys to clear out…

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The other day I was checking our inventory of jerseys and stuffs. Turns out I have a few Pink Tuxedos, T-shirts and a couple of other jerseys left that I’d like to get rid of. They’re all brand new, never worn. But If you’re so inclined, I can wear it so you can have my scent…but that’s an extra charge.

Anyhow, after I take tally on what we have available, we’ll have a clearance sale just to get rid of them. Don’t worry, we’ll give you the best BRO-DEAL possible. In other words, I’ll be pricing these items so they can be sold within the same day.

Oh ya, one more thing. Justin Beiber is a douche….

Update: Wolf Tooth Components

Posted by RL Policar On November - 12 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

I wanted to give you an update on the Wolf Tooth Components chain ring. As you can see I went with a 32t chain ring in hopes that this will be enough for climbing and for speed.
wolf tooth components

As far as climbing goes, it’s a bit tougher since I don’t have a granny gear to go on. I haven’t had to walk up a hill and I’m expecting to get more accustomed to it and get stronger at the same time. But one of my favorite things so far with the Wolf Tooth is that it hasn’t dropped yet. Yes it’s absolutely true. I’ve taken it through some technical terrain where it was pretty bumpy all the way down. Just to mix things up, I’d pedal and shift at the same time to see if I can get the chain to jump off the ring. To my surprise, it hasn’t fallen off. I’ve had close to 80 miles on this chain ring and in all those miles, it continues to stay put. I’ll post a final review after I put in a few hundred more miles on it.

Want a Fat Bike for $199?

Posted by RL Policar On November - 7 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

You’re in luck! Walmart has them in various colors.

fat bike walmart

Here’s the description:

The Mongoose Beast is an agile, resilient bike that can be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain thanks to oversized tires for stability and traction. Cruiser geometry adds a comfortable but athletic riding position.

Please note: If you select Site to Store delivery, your bike(s) will not be assembled upon pickup.

26″ Mongoose Beast Men’s Oversized All Terrain Bike, Red:
Frame: Rigid steel, cruiser design frame
Gearing (# of speeds): single speed
Brakes: rear coaster brakes
Wheels: 26″ wheels
Tires: supersized beach cruiser 4-1/4″ knobby tires
Wheel set: alloy 4″ wide wheel set
Kickstand: extra strong kickstand holds the Beast
Handlebars: low rise ATB handlebars are comfortable and stable
Seat: padded seat
Pedals: 3-piece crank and beach cruiser pedals
Maximum Weight Limit: 250 Pounds
Assembly required
Dimensions: 68″L x 23″W x 41″H

If you think that’s cool, here’s another little gem that Walmart offers. CLICK HERE.

Nashbar Bee’s Knees 650b Single Speed

Posted by RL Policar On November - 6 - 20131 COMMENT

One of the newest bikes to arrive for testing at is this little steel beauty. This is the Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single Speed 650b.
Nashbar 650b

single speed 650b

Product description:

The new 650b mountain bikes are the next big thing and the Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single Speed 650b mountain bike is a perfect example of why. The Bee’s Knees Single Speed has the benefits of a 29er without the draw backs. Its bigger wheel size (about 27.5″) means you can roll over stuff that would stop most 26″ MTB’s, but it is smaller and more nimble than a full-size 29er bike. It’s a sweetly spec’d, super simple bike at a value you won’t find anywhere else.

Super simple single speed drive train is ready to tackle nearly any terrain with ease
650b chromoly fork is strong, lightweight and ready to crush some singletrack
Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power
Chromoly frame is stiff, lightweight and ultra-durable
Alex XD-Lite 650b wheels are lightweight and trail ready

Cockpit view.
bee's knees 650

Our test bike is a small.
650 single speed

Here’s the specs:

FRAME: 650b Chromoly, standard 1 1/8″ head tube, trail tuned chain and seat stays, disc tabs and water bottle mounts
FORK: 650b Cromoly, disc tabs, standard 1 1/8″ steerer
HEADSET: FSA Hammer, 1 1/8″
CRANKSET: Alloy square taper 104mm bcd with 38t ring
HANDLEBAR: 6061 Oversized Riser Bar, 620mm width, 25mm rise, 5 degree sweep
STEM: Alloy, 7 degree rise, 90mm
FRONT DERAILLEUR: None; Chainguard
BRAKES: Avid BB5 mechanical
WHEELSET: Alex 650b XD-Lite, 6-bolt IS disc
TIRES: Kenda Nevegal, K-1010, 27.5×2.1 (650b)
SEATPOST: Alloy, 27.2x350mm
SADDLE: Mountain
GRIPS/TAPE: Kraton Black

When we discussed reviewing this bike with Nashbar, they admitted that the gearing is a bit tall for it.They said that they have no problem with us changing things around to suite our riding and gearing preferences. We also plan on testing this bike as a commuter. We figured we might as well put that tall gearing to use before we make those changes we mentioned.

Me and Bon Jovi on the trail for the first time

Posted by RL Policar On October - 28 - 20131 COMMENT

On Saturday morning The Moe and I headed out for an early ride. This was going to be my opportunity to see how well Bon Jovi (Titus Rockstar 29er Version2) handles the trail.

Before we get to the dirty talk, let’s see how much he weighed without pedals. Considering that this build pretty much turned Bon Jovi into 5.5″ travel (front) bike, I’d say it’s a decent weight. If you can’t really see what the scale shows, that’s about 28.5bls.
titus Rockstar

Nice eh? He’s looking super handsome. He really is a nice little ride. The 1×10 set up is something I need to get used to. I do ride a bit slower since my chain ring is only a 32. But because of it, I didn’t have to walk any of the hills on our ride.

Speaking of 1×10, here’s the Wolf Tooth Components chain ring. Go ahead, ask me if the chain ever dropped during my ride? Go on..ask! “RL, did the Wolf Tooth Components Chain Ring drop during your ride?” HELLS NO! That thing stayed on there as if it was Velcro’d on! Keep in mind, I’ve had my share of experiences in trying to do 1x set ups. From 1×3,1×8,1×9 and even 1×1 single speed. I’ve dropped chains like crazy before on 1x systems. But something about this chain ring that keeps the chain from dropping. I heard that each tooth is magentized, so it helps to keep the chain on there tight…I’m just kidding, I made that last part up. I’m sure it has something to do with way they engineered it, which happens to be out of my comprehension. But I do know this, it works!
Wolf tooth components

I call this Bon Jovi’s “sexy time” photo. The Titus Rockstar, which I’ll often refer to Bon Jovi at times because that’s his formal name, is a great ride. Super plush, handles really well, climbs with ease and it’s really fun on the downhills.
Titus rockstar

Bicycle repairs for the less fortunate

Posted by RL Policar On October - 27 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

As you may already know, I’ll gather a group of volunteers to come out and help me fix bicycles for the less fortunate. This time around was no different. Even though we were short staffed, we still managed to repair over 25 bicycles in 2 hours. These repairs included basic chain lube, tune ups, wheel truing and even bottom bracket adjustments. For the most part we have all the tools necessary to do the job. But there were some situations where some of the bikes we had to turn away because the overall condition of them parts were beyond repair.

Yours truly and one of our teen volunteers, Thomas. He’s a young and talented road racer that wanted to lend a hand. For his age, he’s pretty mechanically inclined. He knew how to R/R cables and housing and give a basic derailleur tune as well.
helping the needy

We worked on all types of bikes. From beach cruisers, road, mountain to bmx bikes.
bicycle repairs

On the right side of the photo was my other teen volunteer, Ian. He mainly spends time eating, breathing and living Baseball, but he had the heart to go out there and do his best. He was very helpful in making sure that each of the bikes we worked on had chain lube. What was great about Ian is that he eagerly asked what he could do to help out.
helping others

Though you may not be able to see his face, this is Cameron Pemstein, owner of Motive Electric Bicycles. He’s been coming out with us for the last few times and has been a great asset to our efforts. His extensive bicycle knowledge allows him to tackle some of the most difficult repairs.
I can’t forget a little selfie.

I wanted to take this time and thank all the volunteers who came out today. It’s always fun to work with people who have great attitudes and great hearts.

If you’re in the SoCal area and would like to join us in the near future, get in contact with use because we could certainly use your help. InfoATMtnbikeridersDOTcom


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